21 May 2015

Ultimate Cash Giveaway!!

Happy Thursday everyone,

Another week that's flown past right under my nose! Been crafting seahorses and making origami butterflies in class this last week, that seriously I am finding making crafts pretty therapeutic!!

Anyways keeping this post short so you can enter your details quickly for a chance to win US$ 500 in the ULTIMATE CASH GIVEAWAY collaboration I have cooperated with my fellow bloggers.

Prize: $500 Cash (via Paypal)
Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!
Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 6/17 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are so many things I would love to buy with that US$500 so please leave a comment below and do share with me what you wish to do with the winning cash prize!!

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for my next fashion post trending Boho Chic!

Simone xoxo

15 May 2015

Slithering Spring :: Snake Prints + Shift Dress

Hello everyone.

Trust you guys had a good weekend and enjoyed a nice relaxing time, either being pampered ( because of Mother's Day) or pampering your loved ones.

Been working a little more and hence, had less time to be blogging but am trying to pick up speed again soon. Had taken these pics a while ago but figured now that the weather is warming up, it'll be a good inspiration on restyling an old outfit aka my Navy Whistles Crepe Dress ( see original post here) with snake print accessories seeing it's a current trend in most stores for Spring/ Summer.

Funny enough if I may share with you, am also taking extra precaution especially with open doors etc as recently here in Hong Kong, it was reported that snakes are now coming out of hibernation and being soooo hungry, one python recently killed 2 large goats, ate only 1 ( because it's eyes were larger than its stomach) and honestly thought it'll be a good meal even with the goat's horns sticking out through its tummy. Amazing.... oh not to forget it also killed a cat!! My goodness me... so watch out for those slithering creatures especially with your pets.

The last time I posted this outfit, I paired it with a jewelled statement necklace. This time with the snake print accessories, I wanted to give this outfit a totally different appeal and paired it with a collared beaded necklace which gives it a feminine and girly touch to the outfit.

Am always about working with different accessories to create a different mood and look to an existing dress or item in the wardrobe! Love it!!

Here are some inspiration to trend snake print accessories or even outfits for Spring / Summer.

1. Carvela Glisten Assymetric Snake Skin Sandals // 2. ASOS Snake Print Toe Post Sandals // 3. ASOS Dune Abbie Snake Print Embellished Flat Shoes // 4. River Island Snake Print Skirt // 5. Prada Snake Print Tote // 6. H&M Patterned Kimono //
7. Karen Millen Snake Print Clutch // 8. Tokyo Jane Snake Print Bangle

1. Lohvarni Snake Print Romper // 2. Malene Birger Scarf // 3. Michael Kors Snake Print Tote Bag // 4. ASOS Mi-Pac Bagpack in Faux Snake Print // 5. Polyvore Snake Print Maxi Skirt // 6/Topshop Snake Print Blouse // 7. Pepperlime Snake Print Pants //
8.Boohoo Snakeprint Playsuit // 9. Stella McCartney Caramel Python Print Clutch

Dress : Whistles ( sold out - similar style here)
Bag : Jessica Simpson ( similar style here)
Shoes : Nine West ( similar here)
Necklace : old  ( similar here)
Watch : Michael Kors ( get it here

So stay cool, keep out those slithering snakes from your backyard ( just hide them in your closet ha ha ......) and see you again here soon!

Simone xoxo Get this look for $6+ on Lookastic: Brown Snake Leather Wedge Sandals, Gold Watch

7 May 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Choies.com

Good Thursday everyone.

With Mother's Day around the corner, personally for me, I love to get Mom fashion items as I know she rarely goes out to shop on her own and putting looks together for her is something I love to do.

My current favourite " go to" online store " Choies.com" where I know the prices are reasonable and quality is pretty good, here are some items I have handpicked for you for potential Mother's Day Gifts you may wish to consider.

Fringe / Tassel Kimono

Orange Paisley Patterned Kimono U$ 29.99
Beige Floral Chiffon Kimono US$ 25.99

Leaf and Floral Print Kimono Coat US$ 29.90
Beige Floral Kimono Coat US$ 27.99
Multi Paisley Batwing Sleeve Kimono US$ 29.99

Vintage Floral Batwing Sleeve Kimono US$ 35.99

Coffee Floral Cut Out Assymnetric Tassled Fringe Kimono US$ 27.89
Cream Floral Cut Out Assymnetric Tassled Fringe Kimono US$ 27.89

Crochet Lace Mesh Long Sleeve Blouse in assorted colours US$ 13.90

Multi Vintage Floral Tie Tunic US$ 23.39
White Flounce Short Sleeve Blouse US$ 18.99
Crochet Lace Panel Top US$ 9.90 / US$ 13.90 


High Waist Plain Wide Leg Pants / Culottes US$ 25.19
Floral Print Pants US$ 27.99
Multi Floral Wide Leg Pants US$ 25.99


Black Rhinestone Pendant Necklace US$ 6.99
Beige Pearly Twisted Necklace US$ 6.99
Blue Rose Long Pendant Necklace US$ 17.99
Golden Vintage Butterfly Floral Necklace US$8.99 
Faux Pearl Gold Pendant Necklace US$ 9.99
Monochrome Faux Pearl Contrast Necklace US$ 9.99
Rose Gold Hollow Out Checker Bracelet US$ 18.99
Silver Hollow Out Checker Bracelet US$ 15.99


Snakeskin Double Strap Sandals US$ 45.99
Gladiator Cutout Block Sandals in Brown or Yellow US$ 39.59

You can easily mix and match any of the above items to create a total look based on your mom's personality and styling interests and of course your given budget. With FREE SHIPPING as well as their current Mother's Day promo of US$ 10 off for every US$ 100 spent storewide, this would be an easy one stop shop for you.

Just click on the pictures above to be easily directed for colour and size options. Some of their items do provide shipping within 24hrs.

So hurry and grab these great bargains for Mother's Day soon. Wishing all Mothers out there a Very Happy Mother's Day in advance!!

Simone xoxo

30 Apr 2015

Summer Goodies To Delight # 2 - Dresslink.com ( Featured)

Hi Everyone.

As promised, this is the follow up to my recent post -  < Summer Goodies To Delight #1> , where the kind people of Dresslink.com offered to send me some items for my personal review and to update my wardrobe for Summer. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived just within a couple of days of confirming the items. I know that most other times a good wait of 2 - 3 weeks would be the average for such online portals.

So for the first item, I had selected this grey open back top which looked so feminine and a versatile piece to trend for Summer.

Unlike the model in the website, I was not brave enough to go bra-less for this top. Hence I decided to pair the grey open back top with a cream tank just for  my personal comfort basis. But if you are certainly more daring than I am, I think this top would be great worn just on its own. Pairing it with the statement necklace that I had also selected from Dresslink.com, this was the perfect weekend look put together for summer. Certainly it felt good that I had picked out items which I could easily mix and match to create various looks and styles, not to mention on a really low budget.

To be honest, I had ordered the top in XL size ( I am a standard UK 12/ US 8 size which I believe was equivalent to L size on their sizing chart) since I wasn't sure how the cut would be like. Having learnt from experience that most of these china clothing portals would usually have their sizes cut a size down from regular sizing. Glad I did so in a way cos anything smaller would mean a snug fit around the bust or waistline and perhaps having the top looking more like a crop top than a longer style tee. As you can see it's already cut slightly shorter than in the pictures on their website but still all good.

With the slightly larger top and due to the scoop backline,it did seem to slip off my shoulders here and there but a small modification ( which I intend to do so with a lace tie at the top of the blouse would give this top a fresh take). I would certainly take this top out to the beach next as a cover up with my bikini top peeping through at the back - better if it was a bold coloured one to add a lil fun to the top.

Accessories are such great things to totally change the look and feel of an outfit. Paired the look with my summer hat sitting in the wardrobe and the necklace from Dresslink.com was just a perfect fit to accent an otherwise plain top.

For my second item, I was gravitated to this angel wing cutout t-shirt top as I thought it looked kinda cool, biker chick style. Again, if you are daring to go bra-less with it, it would be a beautiful unobstructed view of the " wings". I chose this top in white seeing I have enough black tops in my closet and figured pairing it with a contrasting bra top could potentially be quite cute. Nonetheless I would think the cutouts would standout lots better in black,

I had also selected an XL size for this top and glad I did so as the fit was just snugly comfortable. Anything smaller would not ideally fit my UK 12/ US 8 frame. Quality was passable for the ridiculous price of less than US$3 for this top. Paired it with my Tulle Skirt for that " angelic" ( no pun intended) feminine touch. Obviously it would be cool to also pair it with summer shorts or jeans.

I first spotted this necklace on Newlook.com however it was sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. Hence my excitement and delight to Get The Look For Less here on Dresslink.com.

I must admit out of the 3 fashion items I had selected from Dresslink.com, the necklace was by far my favourite and certainly worth every penny of it. I have purchased necklaces from other online portals where at times it has been seriously disappointing with bibs and bobs missing and more so, some of them even damaged in the process of shipment. 

This bib necklace which comes in both Gold or Silver options, is solid and all rings connecting the various parts were held well and firm. Even the "bling" embellishments were all intact.

Check out this trending style of necklace worn by celebrities and bloggers alike.

Kim Kardashian - West // Selena Gomez

This very last item was chosen simply because it was something I needed currently for my makeup kit. Ideally I would have preferred this sponge to be of a slightly larger size. As you will see from the actual photo below, it is a little too small for me to have a good grip on it when applying my foundation. Most of the others I had spotted in the stores were a tad larger. Nonetheless it still served its purpose well.

The pointed tear drop tip was ideal for getting around the corners of the nose and eyes more easily to ensure an even coverage as opposed to traditional foundation sponges.On hindsight, perhaps that was the reason why it was sized smaller for the easier manoeuvring around these corners. Likewise, the conical shape of this sponge allows for a smoother finish as opposed to triangular or square sponges often leaving a trail of lines as you sweep across your face.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of the items ALL kindly sponsored by Dresslink.com and appreciated my honesty in its review. Personally if I would continue to collaborate with this store, I would pick out more jewelry than clothing items simply based on the quality of the products I had experienced in this haul.

However I do know some of you would rather work with cheap trending fashion items, to be worn only a couple of times and chucked out of the wardrobe. Then perhaps this store would fit your needs perfectly. Amazingly most of their items are less than US$ 10 ! Expectations slightly lowered, I must admit they do have some cute affordable items and a pretty wide selection for those on a shoestring budget to shop. Just remember to be on the side of wary than sorry and pick out your items in a size up for most of their outfits as they are often not true to size.

I have made it lots easier for you to click on the pictures above to direct you to their store where you can find great bargains! Currently, for all new accounts signed up, Dresslink.com is offering a US$ 50 cash coupon for you to have fun shopping on their site. So hurry and check those items out for Mother's Day or for a quick wardrobe update for Summer 2015!!

Simone xoxo